Fire Dance




Anthony di Lorenzo (b. 1967)

Composer Information

Emmy Award winning composer Anthony DiLorenzo grew up in Stoughton Massachusetts. His music is performed throughout the world by symphony orchestras and chamber groups. DiLorenzo has composed more than eighty film trailers, including Toy Story, The Lost World, Final Fantasy, Fools Gold, Bee Story and The Simpsons movie in 3D. A trumpeter as well as a composer, DiLorenzo performs as a member of the Center City Brass Quintet and the Proteus7 chamber ensemble, and has apeared widely as a featured soloist. He graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music and worked with Bernstein at Tanglewood. Anthony is a current member of the Center City Brass Quintet.


Tonestar Publishing


3:30 (if you can play it that fast!)



Ranking Position



Street Song by Center City Brass Quintet: Chandos, 2004.

Youtube: Fire Dance, CSO Brass, México City tour and Master Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqBwlgcK7Tc

Types of Instruments/Mutes

2 trumpets (includes parts for trumpets in C or B♭), horn, trombone and tuba. No mutes.


Final Considerations

Fire Dance was premiered and recorded by the Center City Brass Quintet  and it became an instant hit with brass ensembles. The piece is a dazzling showcase of brass musicality and technique that is a terrific encore or opening piece for any program. The biggest challenge for the performers of this work is the tempo; it should be played very fast to bring this high-energy piece to life. After some slow, determined practice, playing this piece will be a most enjoyable experience.